More people than ever are requesting pond design and construction for backyards and courtyards. We provide pond construction services, including koi pond construction and other specialty ponds.

Pond Construction Company Services

Our pond specialists will meet with you to discuss the pond you envision. Here are some we’ve built:

  • Plant ponds, with or without koi
  • Wading ponds
  • Pathway ponds
  • Falling water ponds

Our pond construction services don’t end with a completed but empty pond. We’ll fill the pond and treat the water so that it will support plant life. We will recommend attractive plants that work well in the local climate, including those that inhibit algae. We can help with selecting and placing decorative stones, aerators, filters, and skimmers. Finally, we’ll recommend if heaters and pool covers are needed to prevent freezing.

Ponds need a fair amount of upkeep to remain attractive and healthy. Our backyard pond maintenance services ensure ponds are clean and free of algae, stains, and odor. We service the aeration and filtration pumps and provide annual pond cleanings, and will recommend replacement plants should any die off.

Koi Pond Appeal

Koi ponds require special construction and care, but they are well worth it! Research shows they help people relax — that’s why they are featured in Zen gardens.

In addition to specific construction requirements, koi ponds need regular cleaning.  Koi fish are sensitive and their water must be consistently kept below 75°F. Their ponds need a careful plant balance.

Our koi pond maintenance services begin by ensuring the water is healthy and safe for koi and plants. This means treating water and taking care of aeration and biological filters that kill parasites. We’ll recommend ways to protect koi from predators, including installing koi house hiding spaces and UV-resistant mesh barriers.

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We will be more than happy to help you turn your front yard into a remarkable piece of art that will last a lifetime!