Do you have a big patch of yard that goes unused and is just missing “something”? Or maybe you have a casita or shed in the backyard that needs a little bit of accenting to tie it into your home. A concrete pad may be exactly what you are looking for. Custom designed concrete pads and pavers can turn any yard space into a geometric centerpiece. From functioning as a walkway or just eliminating the need to keep up on the yard work, Cricket Pavers can design a custom pad for your home.

Typically concrete pads are designed with geometric shapes that fit into and cover almost any type of yard space you might have. Let with gaps between the pad shapes to allow for drainage and plant growth. Some homeowners even opt to fill the gaps with gravel, completely eliminating the need for grass/weed growth control. Let your yard speak its mind with a custom poured concrete pavers in Miami done by Cricket Pavers. Be sure to visit or call them for more information.