Pergolas are outdoor structures that serve as an entry from one space to another or sometimes, simply as decoration. Pergolas have no walls and are freestanding, making them an excellent backdrop to dining any time of day.

If you’ve been dreaming about installing a pergola for years, but haven’t yet made the call, here are some logistic reasons (besides the beauty of the structure) for finally committing to the installation:

Top Benefits of a Pergola Installation:

  • Space. Pergolas help you make the most of your outdoor space. Because the structure is free floating, it allows your space to feel open, even as you add furniture and foliage to create a dining or tea garden getaway.
  • Shade. By adding latticework, vine or a top cover, your pergola can now offer shade. Whether it is to you, to your plants or to coveted furniture, pergolas allow you to make the most of even the sunniest days.
  • Design. The pergola aesthetic is unmatched. It creates a lure from the curb that has every passerby wondering about the world that exists under the vine-laden structure. Pergolas are versatile and make it possible for you to complement your home features or take on a new look, entirely.

There is so much you can do with your pergola design. Modern pergola design ideas range from outdoor secret garden to chic escapes into a previous era. If you’ve always wanted to embrace a separate aesthetic at your home, a pergola provides the perfect way to do it. The outdoor structure incites the imagination and lets it go unspoken that now, the guest is entering a new venue; a new realm, if you will.

To better realize your free standing pergola plans, contact our team at Cricket Pavers Miami. We look forward to letting your imagination flourish and working beside you to create the perfect pergola for your home space.