Living in Wellington, FL, you probably enjoy spending those hot summer days lying out by your pool. Beating the heat is essential when living in South Florida year round and a pool is the best way to do that. However, enjoying your pool is only part of the equation. The servicing and proper maintenance are crucial to keeping your pool looking good and operating efficiently all year long. The pump, filter or any other infrastructure components that are involved in the smooth operation of your pool are very important. However, have you considered how your pool decking and coping can be impacting your pool? Improperly maintained pool coping can result in damage to the structure of your pool and ultimately lead to a pretty hefty price tag to repair the damage and replace the coping. Catching problems early can save you stress and money.

Pool coping is essentially the cap of the pool wall that connects to the rest of the pool deck. Often made from preformed concrete or natural stone, pool coping is important for a few reasons. The pool coping covers up the metal support pieces that line the pool wall to give it support internally. These metal pieces often stick out above the pool wall, which is where the coping comes into play. Pool coping often provides a very aesthetically pleasing look that finishes off the look of the pool. When deciding on the material, color and style of your pool coping, you need to find a style that will fit the finish of your pool and match or compliment the rest of your pool decking. Pool coping also adds an element of safety to the pool deck and the pool with a non-skid surface to keep family and friends safe when playing or walking by the pool’s edge. Another important aspect of the coping is that it is installed with a slight angle away from the pool to help water that is splashed out run to the drains to keep any debris or other contaminants out of the pool.

The importance of making sure that your pool coping is properly sealing the edge of your pool is that it can allow water to seep out of the pool and underneath the surrounding coping and down into the internal structure of the pool. While this may not be as severe of a problem as it would be in states where freezes occur in spring or fall, but leaking water can cause all sorts of internal problems when it comes to your Wellington pool. In places where freezes can occur, the leaked water will expand and potentially crack the structure, other coping tiles or even some of the drainage pipes or hoses. In Florida, letting water leak out of the pool can cause internal problems over time as well. Be sure to carefully inspect all aspects from the drains to the filters and even the swimming pool coping tiles to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

As we are in the middle of fall now and approaching winter, it is the best time to consider pool resurfacing or replacing some old or outdated features on your pool. Whether you purchased the home with the pool or put it in yourself any number of years ago, this year is perfect to give your pool a much-needed remodeling to not only update and enhance the visual appeal but also the structural integrity of the pool itself. Contact the professionals at Cricket Pavers in Wellington or one of their other locations to learn about your options when it comes to swimming pool remodeling and swimming pool coping stones. Click here to see all the different options available for pool coping.