You work hard all year to have nice grass in your yard and clean floors in your home but yet, somehow, the grass is always getting trampled or dirt, mud, and grass is tracked in on the floor. Stuck in a constant battle with two seemingly dissimilar problems and no apparent solution. Cricket Pavers of South Florida has the perfect solution for you. Walkways around your house and landscaping are the answer. Made with walkway pavers, any design or pattern can be created.

Cricket Pavers will create custom walkways for your home that will not only provide function in protecting your landscaping as well as keeping your home clean from dirty shoes. Not only are the walkways practical, they are also very appealing and even complimentary to your home. Cricket Pavers can wind a path through your garden or out to your mailbox for you with perfectly placed pavers. If you’re looking to add a unique characteristic to your home while solving the trampled grass/messy kitchen dilemma, the visit to learn more about walkways, products and installation.