Gearing up for the coming summer, many homeowners are looking for ways to add enjoyment and value to their homes. Being outside and enjoying the weather is tough to beat and homeowners add to the outside of their homes with sidewalks, patios, barbeque pits, fountains, and pool decks. Once the addition has been decided on, the next choice is what to use as the material. There are many choices in the market now for outdoor features like brick, concrete, and travertine pavers. While each material has its ups and downs, travertine pavers might have a slight advantage over the rest of the options. Whether paving a pool deck or adding the appeal of a backyard fireplace, here are some of the main advantages of using travertine pavers.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of using travertine pavers for an outdoor project, especially a pool deck is the slip resistant surface that natural travertine provides. Using travertine pavers can minimize the fear of kids or adults slipping and falling on a pool deck or even sidewalks and patios. Also, the heat resistant property allows the pavers to stay cool in hot temperatures thus making the use of pool decks and patios much more comfortable in the heat of the summer.


While travertine is a natural stone, there are a variety of color options that can coordinate and accent almost any home décor. Along with the numerous color options, professionals can create unique designs and patterns to accommodate any style and look that the homeowner wishes to achieve.  


Another advantage that travertine and other natural stone products is that the color will not fade. Even after harsh weather and years of exposure, cleaning is a breeze since travertine is very difficult to stain. Speaking of harsh weather, natural travertine pavers are freeze-thaw resistant so even when the temperatures drop and many other materials are cracking, travertine will hold up.


Not only will an outdoor project increase the value of the home for the owners, it also adds a unique element to the enjoyment of the home. Also, the value of travertine is hard to compete with compared to some of the other material options available for such outdoor projects. Wholesale travertine is available as well to help with the cost effectiveness. If an incident were to occur that caused a chip or a crack in a paver, replacement is not only cheap but also relatively simple as opposed to replacing a whole concrete slab.

So whether the project is a new pool deck, a backyard fireplace, or a new barbeque patio, travertine pavers have a good number of advantages over the other choices available. Visit to see the full selection of travertine and other wholesale paver products as well as professional design and installation.