With the summer season approaching, whether if you own the swimming pool, or you were just thinking about making one this year, it’s the right time to talk about how to make it safer for kids.

Many pool owners secure it with nothing but a deck with an easy-to-open gate. The grim statistics show that around 350 children under the age of five drown in pools, and around 2000 children are treated for near-drowning accidents in the hospital each year. With this in mind, you should definitely consider childproofing your pool, even if you don’t have any children of your own. Backyard barbecue parties gather families with kids that could easily wander off around the unsecured pool.

Pool cover

Pool covers look something like a giant trampoline, and they are essential when it comes to the pool safety especially during the winter. Today you can find a pool cover for above the ground pools as well. This is the best investment you can make since it both takes care of your pool during the winter season and it prevents children from accidentally falling into it.


Though you probably thought about this, you should know that the safest pool option is a fence with no wider gaps, about 4 feet high with a gate that isn’t easily unlocked. For extra safety, your pool should have a safety grip pool coping. Those who can’t swim can easily grip to the edges of pool coping and get out of the pool with ease.

Pool alarm system

Any pool supply company has one of these. The most reliable pool alarm is the one that detects the underwater movement. Unlike the alarms that are triggered by surface movement, these alarms can be used even when the pool cover is in its place. However, no matter how effective the alarm is, it can never replace a good safety fence or a fence gate latch.

Lifesaving equipment

Even under adult supervision, children are still susceptible to water-related accidents. It’s important that you have lifesaving equipment nearby, such as first-aid kit, a lifesaving vest and a long pole. All pool chemicals should be safely stored out of the children’s reach when you’re not using them.

Pool safety signs

Although toddlers won’t be too discouraged to get close to the pool with these signs, older children and people who can’t swim sure will. Pool rules signs will also make adults pay more attention to their children and keep them more alert to their kids’ behavior. Pool rules include no jumping, no diving in the shallow end, no swimming without adults being present. Make sure you display these signs in a highly visible place, such as an entrance to the pool. Teach your children to recognize the images on each sign and what do they represent, if they can’t read.

If you’re planning to build a pool this summer, you’re in big advantage since you can design it in such way that it meets the criteria of children’s safety. One of the safest options is an above ground pool with deck since you can install a safety fence around it to keep small children away from it. Pool coping pavers will both add up to the esthetics and children safety, as people can easily grasp it once in the water. This is especially important when you have children in it, as they will be able to hold on to the edges of the pool and learn to swim with no problem at all.