Pool coping stone can turn your backyard swimming pool from a mirage to an oasis. Not only is swimming pool coping an effective way to preserve the pool and surrounding area, but it lays the foundation for a luxurious poolside and backyard experience.

Here are some of our favorite ways to utilize the stone:

  • Keep it curvy

Accent the shape of your pool. A curvy perimeter can look sloppy until it is lined with dark washed, rustic stone. The paving gives the pool a sophisticated, elevated sense of serenity. It is comfortable to walk on or to sit on top of at the water’s edge. The curved shape will sit beautifully adjacent to a home’s linear architecture.

  • Symmetry, please

Consider placing stone only the shape of your pool. That is, surround a rectangle shaped pool with rectangle shaped stone. This symmetrical design is impossibly chic and will have your family and friends feeling like they’re at the spa. This layout goes best with modern outdoor furniture and homes.

  • Fieldstone

If it is an option in your yard space, consider fieldstone that lines a partially sunken swimming pool. It will allow for a rich design to the wanderer’s eye and a comfortable ledge for swimmers seeking repose.

  • Stepping stones

Use coping stone sparsely, in slabs that create walkways for guests and swimmers. It is a nice way to bring design to your yard and to allow a walking spaced without letting the stone monopolize too much for your outdoor layout.

  • Multi-Dimension

Create your own layers with coping stone. Choose your heights and allow for multiple levels of your swimming pool. Perhaps the bottom ledges are for poolside chats and beverages. Or, perhaps, they encompass a second area of water for lighter indulgences.

  • Natural beauty

Play on the surrounding elements of your home and landscape. Choose stone that matches the environment and place it in its raw shapes to line your swimming pool. The texture might be less perfect, but its natural imperfection boasts immense beauty.

For all of your pool coping needs, consult Cricket Pavers, the city’s preferred pool coping pavers. We cherish our outdoor experiences, and want nothing but the same for you!