I love Summer! There’s nothing better than a Summer Backyard Party with Friends! These Summer Backyard Party Games are sure to make your BBQ a Success full of Fun Food, Games and Friends! I’m not sure there’s anything better than that!

Summer Backyard Party Games

1.) Backyard Lawn Twister Game

Use Spray Paint and a Pizza Box to create a Lawn Twister Game for your Friends and Family! So Much Fun!

2.) Giant Hula Hoop Bubbles

Make your own Homemade Bubble Solution in a Kiddie Pool and use a Hula Hoop to create Life Size Bubbles!

3.) Giant Jenga Set

Make your own Giant Jenga Set using 2×4 Blocks, you can have these pre-cut at your local hardware store to make this a really simple project!

4.) Lawn Scrabble

Use a large piece of Masonite Material to create your own 12×12 tiles, Then use a Cricut Machine to create your letters for each board.

5.) Giant Ker-Plunk Game

Make your own Giant Ker-Plunk Game using Kids Balls for a Plastic Ball Pit and Chicken Wire! Super cute!

6.) Make Your Own Ring Toss

You can create a fun and colorful ring toss for your Backyard using Bottles that are painted inside and bracelets covered in yarn!

7.) Giant Fence Chalkboard

Create a Giant Fence Chalkboard using a board and Black Chalk Paint, hang it on your fence and let the kids go to town, every time it rains you have a clean slate!

8.) Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Use Pool Noodles from the Dollar Store & Duct Tape to create fun games and obstacle courses for the kids!

9.) Paint or Water Balloon Dart Board

Attach Balloons filled with Paint or Water to a Dart Board and use Darts to pop the balloons!

10.) Ladder Ball Game

You can use PVC Pipe to create your own Ladder Ball Game for the backyard! This would also be fun for Tailgating

11.) Hit the Can Party Game

This is a simple game you can make from items you already have on hand. Hit the Can Party Game with just Tin Cans and a Soft Ball or Baseball.

12.) Giant Bean Bag Toss

Use a Ladder to create different “Areas” For points and grab some colorful bean bags like these here. Then let everyone compete to see who can get the most points!

13.) Yard Dominoes

These are Beautiful Dominoes you can make yourself using Stained Wood and White Dots. These can either be painted or use your Cricut to create the dots out of vinyl.

14.) Water Bottle Bowling

Use Water Bottles and Food Coloring to create your own Outdoor Water Bottle Bowling Set, A Kick Ball or Soccer Ball works great for knocking over the bottles.

15.) Yard Yahtzee

Create Full Size Yahtzee Games using Wooden Blocks and Paint! It’s really simple and so much fun!