Tired of dull colors of concrete driveways or patios? Bored with the color of the pavers available? Well, if the answers are yes, then maybe we have a solution for you! Staining concrete pavers is a fairly simple process, so it can easily become your latest DIY project if you follow these simple steps.

When you decide to color your own concrete pavers (which is a lot easier than staining brick pavers), you can basically create your own design at home, in the color of your choosing. This means you can transform the dull-colored material to a personalized option in a bright, vibrant hue. 

Choosing your pavers

In the first step, visit your local landscaping or home improvement store to purchase the materials you are going to work with i.e. the pavers. Be creative! You can decide to choose various pieces in different shapes and sizes to create your unique design pattern. Just be sure to choose your concrete pavers in neutral color tones, since those are the easiest to cover with stain.  You will also need to purchase enough material for your entire landscaping project.

Choosing your stain color

The next step is also fairly easy – choosing your concrete paver stain color. For this, you might need to speak with a professional who will help you with making your own stain. You will need to buy a colorless concrete sealer and a water based exterior paint color that will both go well with your project.

Preparing the pavers

In step three, make sure to check weather reports before you begin to stain your pavers. Be patient, and wait for a few days of good weather to start your DIY project.  

If the weather is nice, lay your old sheet on the ground outside and place the pavers on it. Apply a coat of the concrete sealer to each piece and don’t rush into it, allow the sealer enough time to dry. When the covered pavers are completely dry, apply a second coat of sealer. Make sure the second layer also dries thoroughly.

Preparing your stain and applying it

In the next step, you’ll need a bucket, in which you will combine the same amount of paint, sealer and water. After this is done, use a paint stick to mix the stain, and pour it into the paint sprayer. In he next step, apply the stain with your sprayer onto the dry pavers. Use the sprayer, since it will ensure an even coat. Allow the stain to dry completely, then spray on a second coat and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Sealing the stain and repeating the process

These are the last steps in your DIY project. When both stain layers are dry, you will need to seal the stain on your pavers with more sealer. For this, simply just use your brush to add two coats of sealer over the stain.

If you wish to, you can repeat the staining process using a different color. If you want, you can use a different exterior color to create another stain. You just need to apply paint onto some of the other pavers to create your unique pattern.  

As you can see, staining your concrete pavers in not rocket science if you follow these simple steps.  You will be able to create your own custom design that will surely catch everybody’s eye. But if you have problems with this project, don’t be shy to ask for professional help!