Looking for small patio decorating ideas? You’ve come to the right place. There is no nook in the home cozier than a small patio. It makes for the perfect getaway, without having to actually travel away from home at all. Patios set the stage for outdoor conversation and brisk evening conversation that always seeps deep into our memories.

Here are Cricket Pavers’ favorite small outdoor patio ideas:

  • The Power of Pergolas

Pergolas- those archways you see in gardens or behind a bride and groom as they say I do– make for an especially enchanting escape from home. Pergolas invite you and your guests into a new realm and help keep the patio feeling detached from the house; more like its own space. Even a pergola attached to house welcomes guests from one setting into an entirely new one with its flowers and vines.

Terra cotta pots with lavender, rose, and eucalyptus make for an easy way to add color and scent to your patio. Potted flowers make maintenance super easy, too. Focus on one plant at a time, and trim according to what each flower needs and what looks best on your patio. Potted foliage as decoration doubles as useful gardening, too! Don’t forget, create your array of color with their need for sun in mind.  

  • Maximize Space

For example, if you want to offer seating on your patio, try attaching wooden benches to your walls. This allows space for friends to sit and chat without needing squirm around awkwardly fitting chairs. If you have a narrow space for your patio, make an L-shape bench and leave the opposite space of the table free of furniture.

  • The Reclaimed Door

One of the best ways to separate your patio aesthetic from that of the rest of your home is to redecorate the door from the outside. A funky, vintage door gives a speak easy vibe to your patio. Like your guests have traveled through a secret portal to get outside and now that they are there, they are in a different era. A new space for memory making. If you are up for it, you can even buy a used door, refinish it to your liking, and install it over a standard issue portal.

If you are having trouble making space for a fireplace, think about building it into the ground. Cut a hole into the concrete flooring; it makes the perfect nest for a wood-burning fire. When you aren’t using the fire, the space can double as a rug-covered surface area for a table surrounded by chairs – dining or casual, it’s up to you.

  • The Accent Wall

It’s never overdone! Adding one wall of color to your space creates character. If your patio backs up to your back fence, consider painting that slab of fence a bright red or a turquoise. It will create a darling backdrop for all of your outdoor meals and get-togethers. String some tea lights above and you’ve got your own outdoor restaurant.

  • Just for You

The truth is, sometimes we need a getaway not just from our inside dwelling, but from those dwelling in it. There’s no shame in needing a break, and a one-person patio allows you all the solace you need to get it. Prop one lounge chair beneath a canopy outside. One side table for your iced tea and afternoon snack. A small pot of eucalyptus to keep you calm as you enjoy your vacation outside and alone. Ahhh, do you feel relaxed already?

When you’re ready to get designing your outdoor nook and pergola patio pavers, contact our team at Cricket Pavers. We are experts in building homes away from home- especially when it’s just in your front yard.