It’s important to maintain your paver stone, and the best way to do it is through sealing. What is sealing anyway? Sealer lays a protective layer on your commercial paving & coating. If you’ve recently invested in pavers for your yard, sealing is a logical and worthwhile next move. A commercial-grade, high-quality sealer will enhance stone color, protect the surface from stains, and highlight the accent that stone naturally offers to an outdoor space. Sealers make it easiest to maintain your pavement for years, clean it up in the case of a mess and keep your pavement glistening in that summer sun.

Here are the top 5 reasons DIYers choose to seal as a form of paver maintenance:  

  1. Cleanliness

Sealing keeps the stones clean and reduces stains. Getting rid of marks from oil, fertilizer, leaves or tree sap is no easy feat. Often, homeowners have to replace the stone entirely. But if the stone is sealed, it needs only a rinse or a power washing. Ridding the stone of motor oil drips or barbecue stains that once seemed permanent is actually easy when removing it from the sealer.

  1. Entertainment

There’s a certain level of panic that accompanies entertaining guests. Laughter spills wine, touchdowns on the TV pull guacamole off chips, and toasts distract grill masters from keeping an eye on the gas or charcoal dripping down from the grill. It just happens! This anxiety goes to a level one when your pavers are sealed. Worst case scenario? A power wash. Easy!

  1. Protection

Paving the yard is an investment. It adds character to your home and creates a vibe for your outdoor space. Take care of it! Sealing helps protect the stone from wear and tear, stains and spills. It’s the easiest way to make your stone last the longest.

  1. Reliability

We’ve already been through trial and error with sealers. Today’s product is easy to apply and all but guarantees perfect stone. The sealing business has grown to employ experts who know what they’re doing, how to avoid mistakes and how to best advise you on the maintenance for your sealer.

  1. Workload

Maintenance is minimal. You only need to hire cleaning service one to four times a years, and the sealer lasts between two and three years! That’s a lot of time clocked for a one-time seal.

When you’re ready to learn more about the art of maintaining your pavers, get in touch with Cricket Pavers, one of the best paver companies in town!