Living in South Florida, many residents take advantage of the abundant sunshine and warm weather by having a pool in their backyard. A pool can be a huge statement in your landscaping and a major selling point for your home. While the shape of your pool is one aspect, the main eye-catching aspect is the pool deck. The material and design can really transform your pool into a backyard spectacle.

Travertine pavers are a great option for your pool deck. The pavers are interlocking decking material made from a natural stone. Leonardo travertine, ivory travertine and silver travertine pavers are among the most popular colors and there are numerous sizes of pavers to create and fit just about any design concept. Pavers allow for great drainage and minimize the moisture that penetrates the material. When the time comes to build or remodel your pool and deck, check out Cricket Pavers at one of their five South Florida locations or online at