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Park Plaza Pavers

Park Plaza Pavers are available in three distinct shapes and can create some of the most classic designs in landscape architecture.

Use like-sized stones together or mix-and-match with other products to create an unlimited number of design possibilities. With multiple colors for each shape, you can further customize the look of your pathway or patio. This makes Park Plaza Pavers one of the most versatile paver options available for your hardscape project.

Available Thickness:
8″x8″, 12″x12″ and 16″x16”
Unmatched Versatility
Park Plaza Pavers also boast exceptional durability, easily capable of withstanding extreme climate temperatures. They are also moisture resistant, and can withstand years of being subjected under heavy foot or vehicular traffic. Use them for creating paver walkways or complete patios. You can even use them to turn a dull concrete driveway into a timeless masterpiece.
Standard Finish:

Color Options

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