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2 3/4” Remodel Bullnose Coping

Line the decks of your new pool with our 2 ¾” Remodel Bullnose Coping. Combining both form and function, this type coping is perfect for making your pool blend with a classic theme. 2 ¾” Remodel Bullnose Coping works best with 1″ pavers for giving your pool the timeless appeal of brick.

2 ¾” Remodel Bullnose Coping is not just for new pools. Using 2 ¾” Remodel Bullnose Coping to replace cracked acrylic decks is the perfect way to give your old pool a fresh look. Just get rid of the existing acrylic deck edge and put the new coping in place.

A Perfect Fit for Your Pool
Our Remodel Bullnose Coping is specially designed so each piece attaches seamlessly to existing tiles. You’ll get great results on straight and curved edges alike. 2 ¾” Remodel Bullnose Coping has a rough texture, providing better foot traction even when wet. This greatly reduces risks of slipping when walking by the pool edge.

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