There are so many types of pool fences, it is important to determine which one is best for your needs. Whether you are looking at glass, aluminum tube, tubular steel, wood or mesh, there are safety and aesthetic elements to consider. Your pool fence is a considerable investment, and Cricket Pavers wants to ensure you are happy with the safety of your swimming pool area. Here are some of the pros and cons of fence types:

  • Glass

Glass is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials to use to fence your pool. Its final look is sharp, sophisticated and expensive. Expensive accurately describes this type of fence, though. Not only is the glass itself extremely expensive, but its upkeep is costly. Glass- both sides of the fence- show all prints and marks in the light of the sun or moon, so it takes constant cleaning and upkeep.

  • Aluminum Tube

Aluminum Tube is much more cost friendly. It is durable, lasts a long time and requires little maintenance. However, it is not the most charming in your backyard. Aluminum is climbable by a child – keep that in mind if you aren’t able to provide constant supervision.

  • Tubular Steel

Tubular Steel is also on the more affordable end, but it detracts from the water’s naturally aesthetic attraction and requires upkeep to prevent rust from taking over the material. Like aluminum, steel is also climbable.

  • Wood

Wood is a dashing way to fence your pool and can compliment the aesthetic of many home styles. Wood should not be used if the main need for a pool fence is safety. Wood cannot be seen through, and so it is not reliable for keeping children safe!

  • Mesh Pool Fence

The Mesh pool fence is a superior option for keeping kids safe. It comes in heights up to five feet and is designed to make it not possible to climb the fence. The Mesh is not as attractive as Glass, but it requires significantly less maintenance. The Mesh fence gives your swimming pool a sporty vibe, which is more exciting and inviting than a metal material.

Now that you know which pool fences Miami are best fit for your property, select a material that will keep your children safe and keep your property looking good. Enjoy the design experience and get in touch with Cricket Pavers, the best pool fence Miami company, when you are ready for installation. We’ll see you soon!