Having your own personal pool is like having a small piece of heaven all for yourself. Florida’s West Palm Beach is known for its warm tropic weather all year round, so it is no wonder why people are getting innovative in transforming their backyards into a haven of relaxation, exercise, and fun. And apart from leisure, pools can also create an inviting outdoor atmosphere suited for all sorts of gatherings and events.

If you want to make your home more up-to-date and immune to summer heat, here are some pool trends, which will definitely spruce up your property and keep the sun at bay…

Natural look

Instead of having a regular pool, many homeowners have resorted to blending it in with the surrounding nature and thus creating an at-home resort ambience. This pool design is all about making a tranquil lagoon-style poolscape, which recreates your favorite boasts cascading waterfalls, rock grottos, vegetation, and custom waterslides. If you lack inspiration, maybe you should just try recreating the details and experiences of your favorite vacation spot. That always helps.

Multi-purpose options

Your pool doesn’t need to be a one-tiered single-purpose structure. You can transform your regular pool so that it offers multiple levels of enjoyment. For instance, one part can be an elegant wading pool suited for kids to splash and play, while the other can be a large freeform pool, which offers plenty of space for swim laps. Also add a custom spillover spa to help you relax, water bubblers or sheer descents, and a decorative fountain for all to enjoy. This trend spells imagination and functionality.

Small yet comfortable

If you are faced with restrictive zoning requirements, that still shouldn’t stop you from having a pool. New pool designs have emerged which allow you to have your own pool/spa hybrid build into the patio and although small in size (11-foot by 17-foot), they can accommodate up to 10 people and serve as a prime part of your outdoor entertaining space.

Choose pool coping to correspond with your backyard patio; install jets, bubblers, and heaters, which can be controlled with only few taps on your iPhone; include an outdoor fireplace lounge, TV, and dining space; and you have got yourself an ultimate recreation area.


Whether we want to or not, people intuitively react to things which are either symmetric or harmonious. That is why geometric pool shapes are making a comeback, but with a modern twist, such as incorporating elaborate materials and design features to give them an artistic edge. If you also want to endow your angular pool design with chic elegance, add colorful LED lighting, shimmering glass tiles, in-pool barstools, and sheer waterfalls.

Fitness oriented

The pursuit of fitness and rise in health consciousness has prompted a lot of citizens in West Palm Beach to include a swim-in-place pool into their homes. Perfect for water workouts and aquatic therapy, these swim spas can be placed both indoors and outdoors, and offer an excellent solution for small spaces. Add other necessary fitness equipment to your exercise pool and you will have an all-round home gym suited for cardio and strength workouts.


Owning a pool today isn’t necessarily a luxury. Yes, it can cost quite a fortune if you want things to ooze first class glamour, but it takes a little innovation and resourcefulness to cut down expenses without sacrificing your personal style and taste. That is why many different pool trends exist, so that every person can manage to fight off the heat and look classy on their own terms. Call Cricket Pavers today to find out more about available pool designs.