Pool coping is a design element used around the perimeter of in-ground pools. If you’ve ever seen the edging placed around the pool’s top edge- that’s it!

As you can likely recall from friends and neighbors’ yards, pool coping designs are vast. Cricket Pavers strives to provide you all available coping options so that you can choose the best aesthetic for your exterior and interior cohesiveness and your personal flare. All coping stone is high quality, affordable and is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes.

Pool Coping Functions

Besides adding style to your backyard, pool coping serves functional purposes:

  • Separates pool structure from pool decking
  • Serves as a pool frame
  • Protects swimming pool structure
  • Protects surroundings from being damaged by water

Types of Pool Coping

Ground pool coping comes in many designs. Choose from granite, limestone, travertine and other stones to make you pool space as sophisticated as possible. Here are a few examples of our best sellers and why customers choose these materials to fulfill their needs.

Travertine remains a favored choice because the material stays cool in warm temperatures. The stone is famously beautiful and comes in a variety of colors, so your deck can stand out from the rest and match your home perfectly.

  • Top Mount

Top mount is probably the most popular style of coping. The powder-coated aluminum easily takes shape around rounded pool designs.

  • Cantilever

Cantilever edge pool coping gives the pool deck that gripping texture beneath your toes. It’s a common choice for pool areas to help limit slipping. To achieve the texture, Styrofoam is attached to the lip of the pool before the concrete is pouring. When the concrete takes shape, the foam is taken out, giving the bumpy texture.

  • Flat Mount

Flat mount is used when owners want to add stone or pavers on top of the liner, around the pool. Flat mount basically lays a foundation to make this possible.

How do I choose?

Which type of pool mounting you go with depends a lot on your personal style and the functional match-up between your poor, yard or house. When you consult with the Cricket Pavers team, you’ll see examples of all styles, learn about which materials are best for your project, and get the chance to customize your own dream design.

The Team

Cricket Pavers team of technicians are experienced, and our clients appreciate their expert advice design direction and installing techniques. Get linked with an ingenious installation team whose knowledge quickens the paving process so you can get back to enjoy your indoor or outdoor pool quickly.  

The experience of working with a seasoned team of professionals makes a huge difference in the pool resurfacing Miami process and at Cricket Pavers, we’re proud to offer you this luxury.

Pool resurfacing is a clever way to boost the character of your backyard without remodeling the space entirely. Call Cricket Pavers for an expert opinion on the pool coping Miami ideas best suited for you!