Paving stones are quite often just the right thing when you’re looking to connect different parts of your outdoor landscape.  Here at Cricket Pavers, we’re not only interested in making sure you get the best variety of travertine and brick  stepping stones in Miami, we also want to supply a complete service by presenting you with some great ideas to make any vision you have a reality.

  • If you have the space and a large yard that would be perfect for entertaining if it was all connected with intersecting paths, consider using our stepping stones in Fort Lauderdale for dramatic effect. Paving stones laid in the green grass will work wonderfully.
  • Getting creative is another interesting way to enhance your backyard space. Not all of the paths you create need to go from point A to point B in straight lines. Curving paths allow for more privacy as you walk on them and allow your guests and family to interact with nature more.

Cricket Pavers is always there to meet and exceed your expectations when you’re looking for paving stones for everything from interesting walkways in the back of your home to drives and paths to the doors at the front.