Ever wondered if you can use pavers for your backyard? Well, we have some good news for you! The answer is a definite yes! You can use pavers for your backyard, even if it’s a concrete backyard we are talking about! Just read on for some clever and practical ideas to create the backyard of your dreams!

At Cricket Pavers, we understand that every house is a home and every homeowner has a distinctive vision when it comes to home design. The backyard is no exception! This is why we bring you some outstanding backyard paver and patio ideas!

Pavers can play a pretty essential role when it comes to outdoor space design. Whether it’s outdoor dining rooms or poolside paths, pavers can make a world of a difference.

A few smart ways to create unique designs:

For starters, you can unite different areas of your yard with pavers in your backyard. You can literally “break trails” with pavers between your backyard dining area, grill station, garden, fireplace, etc. While connecting different areas with your pavers, at the same time, you are also creating room. With room, you can add depth by dividing green spaces with living spaces tastefully with your pavers.

Another good idea is to impose order. You can use pavers as borders in your backyard, for instance, to set up a border between your backyard lawn and your flower garden.

By using different shapes, you can also create tension with your unique design. For example, the patio utilizes only clean lines and shapes, while natural shapes can wander off in the backyard “looking for trouble”.

Using wholesale pavers can also make a big difference. A few big tiles in the right places can make for a breathtaking design. Smaller sized pavers can create walkways which can lead people into a backyard living space, or which can take you to the garage or back to the house. 

Apart from creating possibility, you can also create drama with a few smart moves. If your pool and magnificent fountain next to it have already created a setting for your backyard, you can further heighten the drama with elegant, tastefully laid pavers which compliment the already existing setting.

Another smart way to design your backyard uniquely is by using the old mix-n-match strategy!

With this method, you can already use those pavers that you had in your storage unit, while you can buy new ones in different colors, shapes, and materials. This way, you won’t have to buy the same exact type of paver if one accidentally breaks! But be careful, you don’t want to get too carried away with your design! 🙂

Who says straight lines are the only way to go?! Why not create a paver-labyrinth in your backyard and be the talk of the neighborhood?

You can create an oversized chess board with pavers! Not a fan of chess? You can also play checkers in your backyard.

Do you have any have questions? Or did we just give you an idea for your next paver-project and you need our help? Give us a call and we can help you turn your idea into a breathtaking backyard design!