Patio pavers are the best way to get your backyard to sizzle with the weather. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use them for the pool, yard or around your patio fire pits, they’ll look great and last for longer. They come in amazing patterns, colors and textures and they don’t need much maintenance at all. Shopping for the right ones that complement your house and yard is half the fun. Once you get going with patio pavers you’ll see how easy they are to clean and use in a variety of projects like the border around backyard fire pits.

One of the biggest attractions of this material is the small amount of maintenance it takes to keep the pavers looking great. Got a few pavers that are stained or damaged? It’s not a big issue because you can remove the broken ones and replace them individually. Wondering how to clean patio pavers? The solution is simple. Being proactive helps and getting to any stains before they’ve had a chance to settle in is the best line of defense. Periodic cleaning with water helps to clean spills that might otherwise cause larger issues. A hose and an attachment is all you need to keep these concrete stones looking pristine.

Where to buy patio pavers

One of the big questions is where you should go to buy the stones that will suit your project. You can add style and function to your backyard with a fire pit installation that uses pavers as a border. Buying from professionals that understand their business and can pass along good advice is the only way to go. Location in your yard is important, and finding a spot with some wind protection makes for a good buffer against smoke and ash problems that can damage the pavers around this kind of backyard getaway.  

Any patio pavers distributor you should take seriously will have a good selection to choose from including travertine, brick and concrete pavers. Stone pavers are the way to go for a more decorative look while brick pavers are just the thing for edging and driveways.

Colored Patio Pavers

These products are colored during the manufacturing process so you’ll have a variety to look through to find the shade that suits your project. Looking for something that’s earthy and natural? Experts suggest brown shaded tones and terracotta. Blending shades works wonders too. Green and reds look great in a backyard surrounding a fire pit.

It’s important to find the right design that appeals to you as well. Some of the more popular choices include herringbone and a common zigzag pattern. Professional installers understand how to lay the best foundation to keep your patio pavers in place. Besides, hiring these professionals means you’ll have more time to design the project exactly the way you want it.

Looking for quality installation teams with experience always pays off in the end. If you hire a staff of installers who are insured and licensed, you’ll feel comfortable and secure the project will be done on time and to your specifications.