The patio does not get enough attention in our home renovations. The patio space is usually empty, typically vast and holds so much potential for social gatherings and much-needed alone time. Yet, the paver patio design is often put on the backburner. Don’t be a victim of the “we’ll get to it later” attitude!

Patio paver designs bring the backyard to life. Here are a few of our favorite mock-ups:

Outdoor Patio, surrounded by green trees and grass. In the center of the image is a grey couch with an outdoor lamp above it. 1. The Outdoor Indoors

Forget about standard rules of outdoor design, and bring your favorite indoor layout and fabrics to the outdoors!



An outdoor patio in Miami, the patio has rough stone pavers and behind is an outdoor seating area with brown chairs and a table. Altogether a great patio paver designs

2. The Covered Patio

Create a restaurant getaway underneath a canopy. Uneven pavement gives an especially exotic appeal.



Front stone paver path leading up to a small cottage. 3. The Walkway that Never Ends

Wrap your walkway around a side of the house and pave out into the yard.



Back of the house patio, the floor has dark stone paver tiles, contrasting with the white walls of the house. surrounded by lush green plants.

4. Basically Not Basic

Lay a simple, clean paved ground and dress up the patio with bright plants and accessories.



Outdoor patio area, in the center of the image is a stone fire place surrounded by stone pavers and a couch with bright yellow Mediterranean style cushions.5. Color Coordinate

Choose an accent color from your home- interior or exterior- and bring it outside to lay the foundation of your patio.



When you are ready to learn more about paver designs, get in contact with Cricket Pavers. We’ll discuss layouts, space optimization, paver walkway design, furniture suggestions and more.