Living in South Florida, residents are gifted with the opportunity to experience over 240 days a year of sunshine on average. Being able to experience the wonderful weather is almost a daily occurrence, so why not spend as much time as possible outside? Being about to host a neighborhood barbeque or invite family friends over for a potluck style dinner out on your backyard patio all without having to stay inside to prepare the meal while all your friends and family enjoy being outside. Building a backyard kitchen is the way to go. This new trend is becoming increasingly popular to enhance homes and increase the time spent outside.

Cricket Pavers of South Florida can design and install a custom outdoor kitchen to fit all your needs. Instead of having to drag out the old gas grill from the side of the house every time you want to fire it up, you can just walk outside into your outdoor kitchen. Completely customizable, many features can be used to make sure you never need to set foot back inside while the hosting is happening. From sinks and miniature fridges, to food prep areas and stove tops/grills, let the professionals at Cricket Pavers craft up your dream outdoor kitchen ideas into a reality.

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