Fall is here and that means that Halloween is right around the corner. You’ve spent all spring and summer making your yard exactly the way you want it with a patio, fire pit, a garden, green grass, or even a BBQ station. Halloween is an excellent opportunity to decorate your dream yard for the festive holiday that your family and neighborhood will be sure to enjoy. Here are some of this years spookiest ideas to decorate your home and yard for the 31st of October!

Country Style– this an inviting but festive front entrance for the trick-or-treaters to walk through as they come seeking candy. You can achieve this look by adding some levels of hale bales (very inexpensive), a variety of pumpkin sizes, dried out corn stalks tied together, and some fall mums to finish the look. This incorporates all that is fall that surrounds Halloween. Bonus- throw up some fake spider webs to add a spooky touch.

Spooky Well– if you are planning on throwing a backyard get together for Halloween this year, you can turn your fire pit into a spooky well! Using a thrift shop shirt or dress stuffed with plastic bags, some rubber gloves, and a wig, you can create a pretty lifelike body emerging from your “well”. Guarantee you’ll have the spookiest fire pit in south Florida.

Chained up Skeleton– for your front porch or backyard patio, purchase a life-size skeleton to chain up and cover in fake spider webs to add to the theme.

Ravens and Spiders– you can find some life-like ravens at a craft store or online and the spiders can easily be made or purchased as well. Add this to your leafless trees around your yard to make your house seem spooky and ominous.

Traditional Pumpkins– who doesn’t love to get their hands dirty and carve a one-of-a-kind jack-o-lantern. Whether you feel artsy and want to create your own or you can find pattern books at just about any store during the fall or even printable ones online.

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