Concrete pavers provide homeowners with the flexibility to create stunning designs and functional layouts to fit their lifestyle. Creating a dream backyard patio has never been easier thanks to the varying sizes, colors, and materials that patio pavers are now readily available in. Patio paver designs range from practical to ultra-luxurious. Depending upon what you envision your patio to be, the design possibilities are truly endless. Here is a little overview of the types of pavers available and some sample patio paver designs to get your creativity flowing.

Brick Pavers

Today, brick pavers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, which can create some very visually stunning patterns to incorporate into your exterior design. Extremely durable, brick pavers are often used for driveways as well. You can find them in square, parallelogram, herringbone or even unique sizes and colors that resist fading. The strength of brick makes it a great choice for patios.

Travertine Pavers

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing options on the market today, travertine pavers come in so many unique color variations, patterns, and sizes. However, with the designer look to them, travertine pavers do carry a slightly larger price tag. But one really nice feature of travertine is that it is a porous surface that allows water to absorb making it practically a non-slip surface.

Concrete Pavers

Being one of the cheapest options available, many turn to concrete when it comes to building their patio. Just like the other two options, brick, and travertine, concrete pavers can come in a variety of shapes and colors but are often far less expensive. While the price tag may be cheaper, the durability and design flexibility are not lacking at all.

One of the most practical features of using pavers is that maintenance is so quick and easy if one breaks or chips. Because the designs are like giant puzzles, a quick exchange for a broken paver is all that is needed.

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