Landscape design is abuzz, and we love it!

There’s so much to do with stone, grass, rock and gravel these days. Idea boards like Pinterest and Instagram have generated an era of endless creativity and the concept of DIY has led millions of people to reshape their homes, yard and property identities in incredible ways.

Some of the most creative designs stem from those initiated in gardens. Stripes and shapes complement color and texture and can even accent home interiors and exteriors.

Try these trending landscape designs to boost your yard appeal:

  • Garden stripes. Garden stripes can be planted strategically in the garden, making use of color palettes and the ombré effect. Another awesome way to use the stripes is as flooring in your outdoor living room space. Use long, thin slabs of paver with grass stripes (about one-third of the width of the paver) in between. The wider paver will have enough surface area for furniture placement and the green adds an awesome design element that your visitors will so covet.
  • Triangles. We’ve seen triangles popping up on our favorite social sites, mostly in decorative banner pieces. Apply this concept to your pavers! Your different sizes of triangularly cut slabs with lines of rock or grass in between. This element is really fun, but it’s also busy so be careful to use it sparingly. Make a rule to use it in element per area. We suggest thin walkways!
  • Chevron. Chevron is perhaps even more popular than the triangle craze, but rightfully so! Cutting slab to allow placement that follows the chevron design adds the subtlest texture to any space. We suggest using one color stone or a variety of colors to keep the design delicate. If you use just two colors of stone, alternating by row, be careful to use only one color that pops and serves as an accent for the rest of the yard. Done right, the two-tone can be striking in the best way possible.

When you are ready to implement these landscape ideas, reach out to our team at Cricket Pavers. Our professionals will walk you through every step of the way, guiding you through DIY or hands-on projects and tickling your imagination with ideas generated from their years of paving experience. You can’t go wrong with landscape design as long as you have a good team at your side. We look forward to helping you make the most of your yard!