Consider your patio to be an extension of your indoor living space. Whether it’s made of stone, concrete, or brick, the paved area in front and back of your house can be a comfortable place where you can rest, socialize, enjoy the outdoors, make barbecues, or just enjoy the warmth of a fire pit. Trends come and go, and right now there is a wide array of modern patio decors and designs, which are taking over by storm, to complement your tastes and lifestyle.

No matter if you like minimalist patios or prefer to make the approach to your humble abode a grand and luxurious one, design choices are practically limitless. Everything should be left to your imagination and creativity, but should you need a little inspiration, feel free to peruse at these images of top-notch patio ideas.

Glass Pavilion

Minimalist, modern, geometric, sleek, and comfortable. If your house is engulfed by a lush natural environment, it would be wise to create a warm refuge with rectangular patio stones as a base amid that contrasting green space.

Outdoor kitchen

Every gourmand who also enjoys fresh air should opt to create his or her own outdoor kitchen, which overlooks the tranquil landscape. Equip yourself with a stove, cabinets, fridge, sinks, along with wooden tiles, beautiful curtains, and decorations, and you will have yourself a haven which will attract any hungry belly.

Coordinating chairs

For those who prefer something picturesque and antique, invite your guests to your quaint wooden terrace, complete with matching outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs, which can enhance the illusion that your house is vintage.

Rooftop garden

If you live at the top of a building, why not create a beautiful miniature garden with modern minimalist sofas, tables, and chairs, which can serve as a lounging area overlooking the skyline.

Covered patio

This modern patio idea is best suited for mountain lodges. It can serve as a dining area complete with support beams, Janus et Cie armchairs and sofas, weather-zinc pendants, and an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm during cool days.

When retro becomes modern

Update your backyard into something modern by deriving inspiration from patio paver designs during the 1960s. Open your bedroom onto an outdoor seating area and place all-weather chairs from Crate & Barrel to give it that retro look.

High altitude

Los Angeles interior designer Matt O’Dorisio helped create an elevated outdoor patio with a seating area that combines contemporary tweak with traditional wicker, in order to subvert mountain chalet clichés and extend the living room into the mountainous forest.

Bohemian patio

Spruce up your outdoor dinners, parties, get-togethers by filling your patio with radiant colors, vintage cloths, and pillows, an abundance of various plants, and peculiar decorations. Anyone who loves to express themselves artistically should never have to worry about satisfying certain norms and go in search of catalog patio solutions, but should opt for this bohemian design instead.

Shady trees

Landscape architect Edmund Hollander prefers outdoor living areas to be comfortable and sheltered, so he recommends that besides installing modern patio paving stones, you can also plant trees with straight trunks whose light-strung canopies will shelter you from the sun and create a small outdoor dining refuge.

Color that patio

People inertly prefer neutral or natural patio colors, such as white, gray, black, and brown, but why stop there? Why not settle for more eye-catching colors like blue, red, green, or yellow to cause an emotion and bring vibrancy to your outdoor living space?

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