Throughout history, enormous, winding approach roads to glamorous estates were always considered a symbol of luxury, wonder, and status. For instance, in the case of the Baltimore House in North Carolina, it takes a whopping three miles to reach the graceful structure. Why such a long road? Well, the reason it takes so much time is to seduce the visitors, to heighten their sense of arrival by allowing the experience to sink in.

Modern times have enabled people to make their own trip from the street to the garage a dignified one, it is no longer a matter of excessive wealth. In fact, it can be the most captivating part of a home’s landscape.

Here are some driveway materials commonly found on private properties throughout the Magic City

Asphalt Driveway 

Consisting of an aggregate of sand and stone and liquid asphalt cement, this hot mixture is known to cure the pavement properly. In a lot of cases, it serves as an existing base, but contractors will use it only after removing the old asphalt, along with porous soils and clays. Quality asphalt is sure to last around 25 to 30 years and is key to prevent the surface from sinking or cracking.

Concrete Driveway

Mixing portland cement, aggregates such as sand, stone, and water creates concrete – one of most popular building materials to date. Other admixtures and ingredients are also added to strengthen it and alter its traits in order to protect it against severe weather and exposure to chemicals. Modern concrete driveways have a variety of smooth designs, patterns, and colors, and with the help of your trusty contractor, you can utilize their decorative or stenciled concrete to whimsically imitate brick, cobblestone, and other attractive materials.

Driveway pavers and paving stones

Ecologically sound solutions are becoming increasingly popular, so if you wish to refurbish your modern driveway, think of paving stones and grass pavers. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, but what is even more fascinating about these manufactured bricks is that you can plant grass either between their sockets or gaps. The benefits of having a driveway with vegetation is immense. Besides the esthetic appeal, grass pavers prevent soil erosion, improve water absorption, and keep the heat at bay.

Driveway Design

Once you have chosen which materials you wish to use to create or recreate your driveway, your next step should be to decide which design will match your home’s appearance and also suit your tastes and budget. The design itself is usually what dictates the overall cost of your renovating endeavors, so it is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Contact your architect or contractor for help, search the Internet for inspiration, and inspect interesting homes you can find throughout Miami. Sometimes it is best to narrow your design options to only a few intuitive choices, because they are practically limitless and thus confounding, but if you have a clear vision of what your driveway should look like, just go for it.


Every construction material has its advantages and disadvantages. Every concrete design won’t necessarily suit everyone’s tastes. The point is to make educated decisions when making such demanding home improvements, but do not neglect what your heart has to tell you, too. If you yourself are happy with how your modern concrete driveway turns out, you will feel like royalty when coming back home in your car and that is what ultimately matters.