Discovering trendy home designs and finding the latest in home improvement ideas and equipment can be a difficult task. Magazines are a source for some but they don’t provide the dialogue and hands-on approach needed to fully grasp the growth of the industry. To have a sense of the industry’s pulse, you have to be on the scene. A reason why design shows are such a great approach is because it offers you an opportunity to see it and feel it. Coming this March, once again, the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show is upon us. For over 40 years, this show has provided South Florida with a beautiful venue to bring together consumers and professional vendors. These four shows have steadily grown over the years to become premier venues for Florida home designers, bringing together South Florida’s top vendors with the most innovative and relevant products/ideas. Unparalleled diversity of exhibits.

Advanced online tickets can be purchased soon at their website. In addition to the normal consumer tickets, they offer a corporate discount program for companies with more than 100 employees. More information regarding this program is listed below the regular ticket sales. Consumers might also be interested in the two different stage events that will take place at these shows. One stage will be devoted to home improvement, featuring seminars by Jeff Devlin on bath renovations, and cooking shows will take place on the other. Electri-chef sponsored, this stage will play host to multiple cooking shows providing samples for the visitors. If having an exhibit is of interest to your company, the Home Show website provides a form for inquiries and information regarding their marketing techniques to bring in potential customers. This show brings a potential exhibitor face-to-face with interested buyers.

This March’s show will be at The Miami Beach Convention center located at 1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL. Directions are provided on the website. Dates are listed below but you must hurry for they will sell out quickly.

Show Schedule:

Friday, Mar 18 4:00 pm -10:30 pm

Saturday, Mar 19 noon-10:30 pm

Sunday, Mar 20 noon-7:30 pm

Monday, Mar 21 6:00 pm -10:30 pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn of the latest trends in Florida homes. Exhibitors and designers will be available for all questions and business inquiries to make sure the show is successful once again. Rest assured, consumers will have access to all that’ll make their homes more beautiful. When it comes to home design/renovation ideas and innovations in South Florida, the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show is the best. Exhibitions of great diversity in all things regarding the home will be on display, booth after booth, for patrons to peruse and communicate with producers. No other show will bring such an opportunity for consumers and exhibitors to interact. Feel free to go to the website and learn more.