Looking to wow your guests this summer? Show off the beauty of your home and sharpness of your design eye by incorporating unique paver designs into your landscaping. There are so many patio paver designs to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on just one! But that’s the beauty of paving – it’s easy to mix and match and to make whatever styles suit your home and personal style work.

Here are some of our favorite paver patio designs that will freshen up your home and leave your guests with a lasting impression:

The Mix and Match

Incorporate stones of different shapes and sizes to create a unique design on your patio. Accent and highlight design elements by using contrasting shades and colors. Creating an arch around the seating area is a great way to make use of the mix and match and to enclose and cozy up your guests.

Color Blocking

Color block your patio by setting large slabs of paving stone horizontally and vertically across your patio. Colored greys and burnt red clays make an excellent pair. These colors accent well against wood decks and fire pits. If you need help deciding on blocking patterns, Cricket Pavers can show you an array of examples.

Dry Green

If you haven’t seen this trend develop in your neighborhood, be the first to start it! Dry green is excellent for arid climates and low water supplies. The artificial turf looks incredibly real and luscious next to large slab designs. Try cutting the paving diagonally to add an element of distinctiveness to your design.


If you’re the bright, floral furniture type, a minimalist paving design is perfect for you. A subdued color palette will make the paving design discrete. The texture of the design will add a beautiful backdrop and air of sophistication to your patio. You will love it!

Multicolor Patterns

Multicolor patterns are a phenomenal way to accent simple furniture and outdoor upholstery. Try using a variety of shades from your favorite color palette and placing the stones in different directions to create colorful groundwork.

Now that you have these top pavers designs, start imagining what will look best in your back or front yard. Need a second opinion or some imagination guidance? Give the Cricket Pavers team a call and we’ll bring you the best that paver design has to offer.