The climate in Miami means that you’ve got a great selection when it comes to the latest garden trend and landscape design ideas.  There’s always something new and exciting going on and you should always consider patio pavers designs to add a great finishing touch.

Pools have always been a sought after part of any landscaping package and adding some travertine pavers in a herringbone design around the edges looks great. Don’t forget those outdoor kitchens and concrete pavers work to act as a border. These come in a variety of textures and colors and we’d be only too glad to install them professionally.

Tropical landscaping is another big trend. Including tropical plants with broad leaves adds to any garden you’re planning and patio paver designs can make a wonderful complement. The brightly colored flowers can easily be enhanced with your choice of concrete pavers.  Look to palm trees if you have space and ferns if you need to work in a more limited area.

Finally, a South Pacific landscape design makes our list of the top three design trends in Miami. Fire is an important element here and once again you can’t go wrong with any one of the patio paver designs we offer to enhance and offset the flames.