Before we know it, winter will be on its way out, and Memorial Day will have us welcoming another summer season. You know what that means. Cannon balls!

If you’re like most people in the country, there is a slight element of anxiety that accompanies your enthusiasm around the season. Until our kids reach an age and swimming level that puts our worries to rest, the swimming pool gives us just that: worry. And reasonably so. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that 250 children are likely to face fatal drowning accidents in backyard pools this year, followed by another 2600 in the hospital.

Those are frightening statistics. The good news is, there are ways to prevent those accidents. Don’t let the swimming pool keep you up at night. Or all day. Here are the ways you can kid-proof your above ground pool deck so that everyone stays safe and cool this summer.

Nothing is more important that preventive protection. Opt for swimming lessons, even at an age that seems too old for lessons. The better swimmer your child is, the more reliable his safety is in times of despair.

Be present. Seventy percent of drowning accidents are related to a lack of parental supervision. Be strict with swimming hours. If you can’t be at the pool deck with your kids, mark that time as a no swim time zone. Extend the rules to when you walk away. If a parent isn’t within sight, no kids allowed in the pool.

Consider a pool fence. There are discreet and even stylish ways to fence your pool. Fences work just as well with above ground pools with decks.

Buy a pool cover. The pool cover is the best protection next to the pool fence. There are different types of fabric to choose from, but it is imperative that the cover you choose is taught so that there isn’t a chance the child could jump in and get trapped under the cover.  Most covers are compatible with above ground pool decks.

Invest in a pool, door or fence alarm. Door and fence alarms will sound if a childproof bypass button isn’t hit or if a gate is left open too long. Pool alarms are sensitive to splashing and underwater motion. If the alarm detects a child was pushed in, fell, or is struggling in the water, the alarm will sound.

Don’t let your child add to the statistics of backyard pool accidents. Be aware, be present and implement measures to childproof your pool.