Crazy paving comes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and – even better – it looks just as good in the house as it does outside

The joy of randomly laid pavers – known as crazy paving – is that it suits many styles of home. It’s randomness works intuitively in a retro-inspired home and makes you feel like it’s cocktail time every time the sun goes down. But surprisingly, it also works in a more structured environ, such as in an English-inspired garden. And the fun thing is that crazy paving isn’t just for outside – it can work in any room of the house!

Pathway – traditional
The joy of crazy paving outdoors is that it looks just as good in a natural environment or in a formal zone, as seen here. Surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges and well-positioned plants, crazy paving requires sharply-cut edges and a dark colour palette, such as bluestone, for a traditional look. Remember, regular resealing is also required.

Pathway – contemporary
Crazy paving works particularly well in a modern setting, especially as an approach to a modern mid-century home. This crazy-paved stone path and driveway makes a very inviting entrance and complements the era of the home. When building a driveway, crazy paving is usually laid on a hard surface, such as concrete, which make it durable and long-lasting.

Ground cover surrounds
A great way to save money and add extra colour to outdoor flooring is by adding ground cover to the crazy paving. When choosing, the lawn or plants need to be quite tough. A popular style is dwarf mondo grass or even a colourful, aromatic plant such as creeping thyme. An extra bonus is that the ground cover helps prevent weeds from filling in bare spaces.

Backyard terrace
Why not go crazy and pave the whole backyard in crazy paving? This is a great option if you only have a small space to cover, or you find it difficult to grow a natural ground cover.

Referred to as a ‘suburban hacienda’, this home treats the backyard as a social hub, and the crazy paving sets the tone. While the interior and exterior walls utilise an austere brick format, the crazy paving adds fun and casualness to the outdoor area. The Abyss split stone range from Eco Outdoor plays with different hues, including a selection of greys that complement the surrounding walls.

Pool surrounds
Take a look at the kidney-shaped pool, the retro-inspired diving board and, of course, the seamless crazy paving that harks back to the swingin’ ’60s. All that’s missing is Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardener sipping martinis around the pool at sunset. The crazy paving is trimmed with a wraparound edge to accentuate the pool’s peanut-style shape.

Exterior wall
If your architect suggests that the front of your house should be clad with crazy paving, you’ll probably start to wonder who’s the crazy one here! While this look isn’t common, it can be striking. Here, the clad wall has depth and warmth, and works intuitively with the natural surroundings. It’s a great way to add personality and originality to the home.

Interior wall
Drawing inspiration from the Hollywood Hills, this Melbourne home embraces mid-20th-century aesthetics, including a tactile feature wall. The crazy paving-clad dividing wall cum fireplace adds texture and warmth to the living area’s rather linear design, and for a real impact, continues under the eaves.

Living room
Why should only the outdoor terrace areas get all the craziness? In this lovely mid-century modernist home, the crazy paving on the floor outdoors flows through to the inside as well.

When you think crazy paving, you think of its popularity during the mid-century modernist phase, but this style works equally well in a more traditional interior. It even looks good in a modern country-inspired kitchen, as seen here. Apart from adding design oomph to the kitchen, the black-and-white combo fills the space, making sure that the wood oven doesn’t look lost and lonely but, instead, is the star of the show!

Bringing nature inside is the theme for this spacious bathroom, which incorporates tactile timber and cool stones. Crazy paving behind the mirrors boasts an array of hues, all beautifully sealed for a smooth finish. Since natural stone is quite porous, in a bathroom the sealing is essential. Over time, it prevents discolouration due to everyday use.

Rather than following any style, this laundry plays with colour and shapes. The dark crazy paving is also slip-resistant and easy to clean. If you’re planning to keep the budget under control, check out the latest ranges of vinyl flooring, which also offer a range of crazy-paving-inspired patterns.