Paver Installation Services

With the resurgence of mid-century design, homeowners are not only interested in modernizing the interior of their homes, but their outdoor spaces as well. It seems that the trend in patio pavers and concrete design is leaning toward a “less is more” attitude. Poured in place pavers with wide joints filled with gravel or plants have become incredibly popular. Find out more about concrete paving by consulting Cricket Pavers, paver installation specialists.

As people’s lives get busier it becomes more challenging to complete all of the chores. Sometimes mowing the lawn can seem like a Monster problem. This is why synthetic grass or also known as “fake grass or turf” is becoming more and more popular. Artificial turf looks just like real grass but without all the hassle and imperfections.

Looking to design a backyard oasis? How about getting a full outdoor kitchen under a new pergola with a fireplace off to the side for those chilly or muggy mosquito filled nights all the same. The days have come and gone where it’s acceptable to just roll your grill back to your patio, or pull out your charcoal briquettes. Outdoor living has taken over, and the central feature of this new trendy fad is a well-designed outdoor patio area. Our designs are functional enough for everyday use, but posh enough to show off during your next backyard party. Cricket Paver’s patio designs range from super-practical to super-chic. We as paving contractor can build Custom BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, custom pergolas and fire pits made to your liking.

Your driveway is the first thing you and your visitors see from the street, which makes it the perfect opportunity to make a lasting first impression. With a little bit of time and energy, and with the help of professional paver installation services, you can give your home a brand new curb appeal. Make a driveway that compliments your home and yard. An attractive paver driveway can add value to your home much the same way a bathroom or kitchen makeover does. Paver driveways can match different styles due to their wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes. Paver driveways are more durable than any other type of pavement. Driveways out of pavers are easy to maintain due to the interlocking design of individual pieces of concrete which avoids cracks or stains.

Gardening is great, however, muddy footprints all over your clean floors year after year is a drag. Your garden shoes wear out quickly from frequent washes and have to be replaced far too often. You can save those floors and stop purchasing those shoes so often by replacing those muddy paths in your yard and garden with beautiful, maintenance free walkway pavers.
Water, dirt, and moisture of any kind are bad news for your hardwood floors. When it rains, even a walk to the mailbox spells danger for your hardwood floors. Walkway pavers eliminate the need to get your feet soaked and help keep your shoes clean in the garden, saving your floors and your back from cleaning those wet, muddy floors.
Walkway pavers come in an unbelievably wide range of sizes and colors. The perfect pattern will add beauty and appeal to your yard and garden and drive your neighbors insane with jealousy. Designing your walkway with durable pavers is fun, productive, and is a wonderfully creative way to accent your beautiful lawn and garden. They also add real value to your home and make your grounds much safer for elderly family members and friends.

Cricket Paver’s can handle your remodeling project to make your pool spectacular. If your pool needs to restore its original beauty with white plaster, we are pleased to offer you top quality marble plaster, installed quickly and efficiently. If you are ready for a change, we can handle that too. No job is too large or small for us. Our most important job is to make you happy.
The pool decking is an important feature for it needs to safe and practical as well as visually pleasing. The decking needs to be slip resistant so that it is safe for those using the pool and to prevent any accidents. Let us help you choose the right type of material for your pool deck.
Coping is the term used to identify the stone or concrete material used to cap the poll shell wall. Cricket Paver’s will ensure that your pool coping is properly installed and seamless integrates your pool decking.
Ceramic pool tiles are installed and grouted along the waterline. They are designed to withstand chemical treatment in swimming pools. Be assured that if you are repairing an existing pool you should be able to find a ceramic tile piece that will work.

Brick pavers are a great, low maintenance way to add aesthetic appeal and sophistication to your commercial hardscape project. Our commercial paver installation experts have the expertise to handle commercial paver installation projects of all sizes and for all types of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, office parks, government agencies, retail outlets and more.

Cricket Paver’s expert designers will add to the functionality of your commercial property. Whether you need a walkway paver alongside your building or an entirely new parking lot, we are the commercial paver installation company for you. Need a new driveway for your business or want it resurfaced? We can do that, too. Keeping paved areas well maintained creates visual appeal and keeps your business accessible. We can get the job done promptly and professionally so that your paving project impacts your daily business as little as possible until completion.

Our commercial paver installation services create dynamic patterns and designs that will not only add aesthetic appeal to your property and grab the attention of your neighbors, but will also increase the value of your property and make your businesses outdoors area more enjoyable.

Pavers South Florida

Natural stone, concrete, and brick pavers are typically used in creating your outdoor space more beautiful. A rapidly increasing sector of commercial and residential property owners use pavers in constructing pathways, patio spaces, pool decks and driveways. We are offering a variety of Paver Installation Services in South Florida for different applications. You can choose from our various paver designs and materials that we provide.

Paver Design

When we design and perform paver installation, we know exactly how essential it is to consider the look of every paver no matter if it is a path, patio or a driveway. When creating and planning the overall design, we consider the following:

Spacing – Rather than using interlocking pavers, many of our previous customers and homeowners have selected having individual pavers set with the grass that grows around them or in the rocks.

Pattern – Would you want your patio or driveway to have discrete border? Would you want a combination of multiple patterns or only one? Would you prefer to have the pavers lined up offset or side-by-side? Our paver installers here in South Florida go over every possibility during the consultation of your desired design.
Shape – Will the driveway or patio have lines that are more angular or a curved shape? This will be based on the area wherein we will build the pavers and your personal preferences.

Furthermore, for the design’s overall look, we consider the texture, colors, and shape and size for its set of physical characteristics for each paver. We can incorporate your design with one color, or border color and a base color. You can also select from the textured or smooth surfaces. The shape and size of the pavers must complement the space as well as the overall design. Overall, when you are choosing the pavers that are suited for your home, we can help you with the consideration of the pavers that you want to use. Some of the pavers are perfect for edging and borders that are not getting lots of traffic, whereas others can support greater amount of weight, thus they are able to accommodate pedestrians and vehicles. Feel free to talk to us to determine which pavers are perfect for your property, and to know more details about Brick Pavers and Travertine Wholesale prices in South Florida. We service Miami, Broward, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale!

Paver Materials

Brick – Brick paver is the classic selection for property owners. As compared to asphalt and concrete, these are less prone to crack. As much as the cost is concerned, these pavers are priced moderately compared to many other paver alternatives in the market.

Concrete – The concrete pavers comes with large range of textures, sizes and colors, and we priced it moderately. A series of the interlocking pavers is making it easy to produce a design that meets ever-changing needs. Moreover, we provide pavers that offer aesthetic details which cannot be obtained by using concrete slabs.

Natural Stone – You can choose from the different natural stone pavers such as flagstone, Travertine, Coral, Marble and Granite. The cost of these stone can be higher as compared to other paver materials; however, it will provide your patio, driveways or sidewalk a more attractive alternative with competitive pricing in mind.


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