Each year you see the brick sidewalk or patio that you have fades just a bit more from another year of weathering. This is the year you finally decide to stain the bricks and give a new life to the faded chunks of clay blocks. Because the brick pavers are a porous material, they can easily absorb stains and tints, if done properly. So if you find yourself asking how to stain bricks, here is your answer.

Clean the bricks

First, brush the surface of the brick with a soft-bristled brush to loosen any dirt or other foreign material that will prevent the stain from absorbing. Using a soft brush is the key so as not to damage any of the mortar or brick itself. Next, vacuum up larger particles or sweep away with a broom. Once the brick is clean of any larger debris, you will want to gently scrub the surface with a non-ionic cleaner and water. Finish by rinsing the surface with a hose.

Stain the bricks

Once the surface is cleaned and dry, you will begin the actual staining of the brick. Brick-tinting kits can be purchased that contain all the necessary equipment and supplies to stain brick. When you think you are ready to begin staining, it is always a good idea to test it out on one brick that is in a discreet area in case the stain is not what you wanted. If the stain is how you want it, use a paint roller to apply even coats. If your bricks receive a lot of direct sunlight, you may want to use a UV-resistant stain to help prevent excessive fading.

Easy as that, you now know how to stain your brick pavers. If you wish to replace your old brick pavers or add on to your patio/sidewalk/driveway, let the professionals at Cricket Pavers help you with everything you need! Visit them online at www.cricketpavers.com for more information.