Making the decision to go with paving bricks for your patio or driveway is an interesting idea and one that will enhance the resale value of your home and/or your enjoyment of the place. There are really two big decisions that you’ll need to make to get started–the brick paving contractor you use for the project and the design that best suits your vision. Here at Cricket Pavers, we can help you with both of these critical factors.

For example, if you’re looking for a visually stunning design that looks great in larger spaces like the driveway of your home, why not look to what’s often called The Herringbone design? These are brick pavers in Fort Lauderdale laid in  45 and 90-degree angles to result in a better load bearing capacity. Remember we have a staff that has experience with all different kinds of brick pavers Miami and we don’t just specialize in driveways.

Maybe you’d like to consider what we call The Basket Weave design that’s better suited to walkways to make a classy first impression as folks walk toward your house? We use only high-quality travertine and brick pavers so the end product always looks great and lasts.