Now that you’ve finished your garden and are enjoying the fruits (and plants) of your labor , why not try and put an edge around  it so it looks even more enticing? Exploring how to edge a garden is as much fun as selecting the right foliage. Here are a few tips on the best garden edge stones that look great and last.

Garden edge pavers have always been one of more traditional choices that have stood the test of time. Today’s garden is made all the more impressive with natural brick pavers. These are the old standbys and they come in many different colors. You can also choose from garden edge pavers that have textured or flattops to complement the kind of look that you’re going for with your garden. These brick pavers Miami are tough and durable. Perhaps best of all, should one ever become damaged you only need to replace that individual unit.

Brick pavers Miami

Using brick pavers Miami is always a good choice. Herringbone and basket weave  designs are options that work well with either brick or travertine pavers. Either comes in a variety of different colors you can choose from including red, gold, or ivory. Doing a little preparation work first ensures the garden edge pavers you finally choose will stay in place during all the different seasons.

It’s as simple as digging down past the top level of soil to give them a good bed to sit in. Laying a base of fine stone prevents frost heaves in the winter. It only takes a few extra minutes and ensures your brick pavers will look great in all four seasons.

How to edge a garden

Deciding how to edge a garden can take on a few different looks. However, if you decide to use wood you should be considering how that material will stand up in the rain and other elements. River stones are another interesting choice, but these are generally round or oddly shaped and more difficult to work with than brick pavers. Natural stones can supply a beautiful aesthetic if you are looking to border an  irregularly shaped garden. Getting the right tools to install any of your edging choices including pavers Miami products is essential. These will  make the entire project go more smoothly.

Start by looking for the right kind of shovel that has good edging capabilities. You’ll need to look for one that has a blade type shovel which is best for cutting straight lines. If the job is smaller and involves only a few garden edge pavers, you might be able to transport them on nursery a wagon with a metal deck. A small wheelbarrow could be another great accessory if you have a few extra dollars to spend.

Although brick pavers Miami are one of the more traditional choices when you are looking at how to edge a garden, there are other options. Taking the time to carefully plan out the design and finished look you want is a great way to start the project rolling forward.