How many ways can you hang a hammock? No, seriously though. How are you hanging your hammock and are you sure it’s maximizing your chillaxing experience? If you’re like me, you’ve bought hammocks before and then brought them home only to realize you have no way to hang them, except maybe with wire between two trees and that obviously delivers you on your bum to the ground. I don’t want that afternoon gone awry for you, so here’s some options on how to hang a hammock:

Tree Straps – Yes, they really make straps just for hammocks and just for trees. Don’t even worry about how far the trees are apart, the straps are adjustable and won’t harm the trunks.

Rope  – Also won’t harm the trees. However, you need to know how to tie good knots.

Hanging hardware – Aim for hanging hardware from walls or fixtures on opposite sides of the pool. I don’t see a better hammock scenario. Go easy on the trees with this hardware.

The ole hammock stand – Does it look like Jungle Book? Not really. But hey, you can move the stand wherever you want and keep all your walls and trees damage free!

As a lifelong hammock indulger, I vote you go with number one. Learn how to use the straps so you can take your hammock with you wherever you go.