Driveways can certainly be the most captivating part of your home’s landscape. The reason people spruce their approach road between the street and the garage is to seduce visitors and give out an inviting sense of style and glamor. However, apart from all the glitz, modern times also entice homeowners to apply ecologically-sound solutions to many aspects of living and driveway paving hasn’t been exempt.

Adding greenery creates a more natural and vibrant look to your front lawn, and compared to the dull look of plain concrete, the benefits are immense. Natural heat balance improves, no warmer microclimates occur, soil erosion is prevented, water is easily absorbed so there will be no floods, and sewages receive less sediments and pollutants. Essentially, grass driveway pavers combine the necessity of sturdy and durable paving with the aesthetic appeal of grass, which greatly contributes to the overall appearance and functionality of your home.

This solution was first popular only in public urban areas of Boca Raton, such as parking lots, but nowadays many residents are starting to transform their private properties in the same manner. Durable, thick, and easy to install, grass pavers have exceptional wear resistance and sustain heavy traffic loads with no problem. It may take some time to install it, but it isn’t rocket science.

The first step is to prepare the ground by making sure there is a slight incline to the driveway for the grass pavers to be efficient. After creating the outline, sod needs to be removed and you’ll need drainage pipes installed below the surface. Crushed rock is used as a base for grass driveway pavers, a compactor is needed to for a firm foundation, and blocks should be cut to fit your driveway’s size. Finally, plant the seeds and everything else is regular watering until grass sprouts.