Do you like your yard green or super-green? Either way, if your yard has a natural-grown lawn, you must have spent a lot of time and energy maintaining it. Mowing, regular watering, edging, and weeding are all time-consuming activities and time has become a luxury for all of us. If you’re tired of enormous water bills every month, maybe you should think about replacing your lawn with something more economical.  

The good news is, today’s landscape design is moving towards low-maintenance groundcovers, which are also more suitable for outdoor activities.

Although there is nothing like natural grass, there are much better ways of getting your outdoor area in shape, one of them being artificial turf. Artificial turf means it’s the same green lawn, but without high water bills and toxic chemicals to prevent pests from spreading. If you have kids, it also means there will be no dirt stains and it’s much safer for them to play outside. Pet owners will also love it, since it’s much easier to clean up after them.

If, on the other hand, you still want to stick with natural grass, there’s a solution for that, too.

We have all seen grass pavers being used for parking lots across West Palm Beach, but one of the landscape design trends is using grass pavers for your driveway and patio paving.

Since grass grows right through the concrete blocks, your yard will look both natural and organised. Another great benefit of grass pavers is that water is easily absorbed and filtered into the soil, preventing it from erosion.

They are extremely durable and wear resistant, making them perfect for home driveways. Easily installed, they are also great at drainage, meaning the paved surface won’t get flooded.

Not only is grass seed added into the hollow part of the grass paver, but you can also choose sand, turf or a combination of grass and gravel.

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