Our space is sacred. That’s why there’s such a boom in designing and redesigning our homes, our offices, our front yards and our backyards. Any nook in which we spend time, we want to make our own. Luckily, we live in an age where inspiration is plenty, resources are affordable and putting the work into action is feasible enough.

At Cricket Pavers, we specialize in paver patio designs that accent a home’s energy and create space for hosting outdoors. The best place to start is deciding for which purposes you want to use your yard. Hosting? Reading? Cooking? Gardening? Overall added charm? Start here, it’ll help dictate the aesthetic for the paver stone and design you choose.

Once you know your general direction, there are several ways to go about the design. Here are some ideas to get you started but remember, you can be creative! Take bits and pieces from our insight and your own imagination. You’re bound to ignite a creative idea that suits your home and your style perfectly.

Here are ideas depending on the style for which you’re striving:

  • Chillin’ outside. Excellent idea! Who doesn’t love a lounge outdoors? For primarily hanging out purposes, we suggest large paver stone. It creates the effect of a deck, but still allows for the beauty of green and feel of feet on the grass. It’s easy to clean and the large slabs offer stability and evenness for furniture.
  • Warming up. You can never go wrong with fire pit designs. They add character, charm and literal warmth to your back or front yard. Go for the circular pit with surrounding chairs outback or terrace stone steps that lead guests farther away to the heat and fireside stories.
  • Virtual travel. There’s nothing more captivating than a home that makes you feel like you’ve traveled through time or to a new, maybe even an unknown part of the world. Mix and match stone sizes and colors to create a rich outdoor experience. If you add height and color dimension to your walkways, your guests will feel they are approaching and departing from an incredibly imaginative world.

See how much you can do just with pavers? It’s pretty unbelievable! For more tips, check out our other posts or contact a team member. If you want a consult or help with installation, get in touch with Cricket Pavers, the best landscape pavers in town!