You know the old saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, when it comes to a house, this saying need not apply. Neighbors and homebuyers look at the outer appearance of a home as a reflection of what’s on the inside. Overgrown trees and a wild lawn? That won’t cut it.

Any homeowner with a lawn knows its upkeep can be time intensive. So, you’ve spent all that time making it look top notch, now it’s time to show it off with a few simple design upgrades.

Brick pavers are a stylish alternative to concrete when it comes to landscape design. They’re ideal for exterior landscaping because they can withstand weather, nature, and foot traffic. It’s important not to confuse brick pavers with regular bricks, which aren’t as hardwearing.

Here are some simple ways to add a design upgrade to your lawn using brick pavers.


A brick paver walkway from the sidewalk to the front door adds function and design. Like laying tile, there are many different brick paving patterns. A traditional running paver pattern provides clean lines and looks great with any landscape. Decorative brick paving patterns, like the basket weave or herringbone, add charm and character. 

  1.    Remove the old walkway (you may need to rent a jackhammer).
  2.    Mark the edges of the walk using string and stakes.
  3.    Create the bed for the bricks by removing roughly 8” of topsoil and adding 4” of gravel and 2” of concrete sand. Be sure to tamp it down so there’s little to no chance of movement over time.
  4.    Begin laying your pattern by gently placing each brick on top of the sand. You may choose to do one pattern along the edges and another in the middle.
  5.    Slowly pour sand over the pavers, sweeping it into the gaps to hold them in place.


Brick paver steps are great for high traffic areas. Steps from a backyard dining area to a patio can be both functional and appealing. Or add some steps from a side gate to the front driveway. The steps don’t have to be square. Jagged edges or various shapes are also an option. 

  1.    Follow steps 1-3 of the walkway section. Prep smaller areas depending on the number of steps you’re installing. 
  2.    Begin to lay your brick pavers gently on top of the sand in whichever pattern you choose.
  3.    Sweep the sand over the pavers to hold them in place.


Garden edging is a purposeful way to define sections of your yard. A beautiful lawn should be showcased with a brick paver border. Brick paver borders can also keep grass from creeping into unwanted areas. 

  1.    Dig a 4” deep trench around the edge of the grass. Make it about 1” wider than your desired pattern.
  2.    Cut landscape fabric to fit in the bottom and around the sides of the trench. Once the fabric is in the trench, add about 2” of concrete sand.
  3.    Gently place the brick pavers on top of the sand. The fronts of the pavers should create a smooth edge – don’t get too jagged around curves.
  4.    Pour sand over the pavers and sweep into the gaps. Then, fill the remaining trench with soil.

Adding a design element to your lawn using brick pavers is an easy DIY project that adds function and design to any yard. Transform your sad sod into a super lawn. Talk to a brick paver specialist from Cricket Pavers today!