Your backyard is now complete with your new custom fire pit. Bonfires with s’mores and roasting hot dogs under the stars and telling ghost stories around the burning embers until the early morning hours is one of the best parts of summer growing up. With all the fun and enjoyment that you will soon get out of your fire pit, there are some pretty important safety guidelines that will ensure that you and your family only get enjoyment out of it.

  • 25 feet from any structure or trees
  • Make sure nothing is overhanging the pit in case of fly away embers
  • Always place on a non-flammable surface
  • Clear away vegetation from the pit at least 5 feet, this will prevent any accidental spreading
  • Pile dirt or rocks around the pit also to prevent spreading
  • Check wind direction when lighting
  • Avoid using flammable liquids or starting fluids
  • Never leave the fire unattended
  • A wire mesh cover is a good idea to protect kids and pets from falling in or embers and sparks from flying out
  • Drown the fire with water when extinguishing
  • Properly dispose of the ashes

Following these guidelines and precautions will definitely lead enjoyable experiences with your new fire pit. If you’re looking to add a permanent fire pit to your backyard contact Cricket Pavers of South Florida for more information or visit them at