The best way to enjoy a chilly night in South Florida is by sitting around a fire with friends and family. Roasting marshmallows, sipping on some wine or just catching up with friends, having a backyard fire pit is a wonderful piece to install to complete your backyard living space design. You can always go to your home improvement store and by a metal fire pit ring to use but why wouldn’t you want to incorporate a well-designed fire pit into your back porch or patio? A fire pit can become an incredible focal point for your landscape design as well as completely functional. Check out some of these patio designs with fire pits for some ideas on what direction you might want to take your design. While some may be a touch too extravagant, it is easy to see just how much an elegant fire pit can add to your backyard.


Fire Pit Designs

Image of Fire Pit surrounded by a beautiful pool.


This is the ultimate contrast of fire and water. Incorporating both elements creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Many residents in the Miami area have pools in their backyard, so remember to take advantage of the contrasting elements.

Image of Fire Pit under a gazebo

Putting your fire pit under a gazebo is a great way to increase the number of nights you are able to enjoy the fire pit. Don’t let those rainy nights stop you from roasting marshmallows around this circular fire pit design!
Image of a fire pit in the ground with marble paving surrounding.

Putting your fire pit in the ground is one of the easiest ways to incorporate it into your patio. The only issue with this is that you will have to put in a new patio, so before you do, keep this idea in mind. This is a great option if you have limited space in your yard and don’t have the luxury to expand the living space out further.

Image of Fire Pit in garden patio.

This is a great idea if you want to put in a fire pit and keep your patio space at the same time. By building it into the wall, you keep the main space of your patio open for seating and entertaining. The only downside to this design would be the limited space around the fire for those looking to stay warm on those really chilly nights.

Image of stone fire pit.
Some homeowners love to keep each functional area of their backyard separated and in this design; it is very easy to distinguish between the cooking, eating and socializing areas. This is a great design idea to follow if you have the space to incorporate it. This is a very clean and functional backyard design with a great square fire pit as the focal point.

One popular emerging trend for patios is utilizing concrete pads. The pads offer a bit of contrast with nature by allowing growth in between and it also breaks up a vast area of concrete that can be rather boring. Keeping with this design, you can easily add in a recessed fire pit instead of a pad or two.

image of concrete fire pit in beautiful yard

This is an example of a very clean, modern design that utilizes pavers and bricks to create the patio and fire pit. The large square fire pit can also serve as some additional seating if you plan a large gathering. Simple can be elegant and this design is proof.

Another great example here of the concrete pad trend and a simple, yet effective design. Incorporating a pergola is a wonderful touch but could take away from stargazing, as you stay warm by the fire.

Whatever direction you decide to take your fire pit design, let the professionals from Cricket Pavers help you with every step along the way. From fire pit installation and design to maintenance and repairs, Cricket Pavers has years of experience serving all of South Florida’s landscaping and wholesale paver needs. To connect with a professional, visit