Nothing completes a backyard quite like a fire pit does. A fire pit brings a fun, relaxing, a

nd distinctive element to a home. It’s a place for the kids to roast marshmallows and tell stories or a place for you and your friends to enjoy some nice company and catch up on life, or even the perfect place for a couple to enjoy a glass of wine and the warmth of the flames. Fire pits can provide a centerpiece for many occasions, which is why they are extremely popular in backyard landscaping.

After deciding that a fire pit would be a wonderful addition to your home, the next big choice is whether you would like it to be an in-ground or above ground fire pit. Next comes the shape and when it comes to fire pits, round or square are usually the two most common you will see. It is best to have a metal ring inside of your design to help contain the fire as an added line of safety. Both round or square and in-ground or above ground fire pits need to have some sort of edging around the rim to complete the look. Another popular feature that homeowners opt for are heat resistant bricks or pavers around the rim for safety from accidental touching or kicking back and propping your feet up and not having to worry about shoes melting. Not only can the rim materials help keep you, your family and your guests safe, but the rim and sides of your fire pit can be a huge design element to completing the look of your backyard. Pavers and bricks come in a wide range of colors to help every homeowner complement their home. Next is deciding where your fire pit will go. Do you want to incorporate your fire pit with your existing deck or patio, or do you want it to be a freestanding feature in your yard. Many home improvement stores or landscaping companies offer fire pit kits that include all the materials to build and complete your own fire pit.

But if you’re looking for a custom design, Visit Cricket Pavers in South Florida for more information or information regarding fire pit installation. With a lot of decisions regarding your soon-to-be fire pit, it’s best to consult a professional with all your design and building questions.