Living in Miami, many residents take advantage of the abundance of sunshine and warm weather by having pools in their backyards. Who doesn’t love pool parties, morning swims or just an afternoon spent relaxing poolside? Pools are a great way to enjoy the outdoors even in the hottest months of the summer. But owning a pool can be a strain on the wallet and the environment from energy consumption to the chemicals used. Now, people want to do their part and be more eco-friendly or use/do things that are better for the environment, so why not include your pool into that list? Here are a few tips to make your pool “greener”, and not the bad type of green either.

  • To use your pool year round, even in Miami, you will need a heater. Spending a bit more money to buy a solar heater will not only be more energy efficient but it will also pay for itself rather quickly. This is an easy choice due to the amount of sunshine that southern Florida receives.
  • Pool pumps tend to be the biggest consumer of energy for pool owners (only due to the fact that some people don’t heat their pools). Installing a variable speed pool pump will cut down on energy consumption because the pump will only use as much energy needed per task vs. a one-speed pool pump.
  • Keep your pool clean. Cutting back on the amount of chlorine can be an easy way to become more eco-friendly. There are also other options that don’t require chemicals to keep the water sanitized, like plants, salt water or ozone systems.
  • A pool cover can help a pool be “greener” in the following ways. Using a cover drastically reduces the amount of evaporation that happens, meaning less water to fill your pool over time. A cover also helps keep in heat and helps keep it clean thus reducing the amount of chemicals or work done by the pump and filter.
  • Using Energy Star certified products from heaters, pumps and even the solar lighting around your pool will help make your pool more eco-friendly.

Owning a pool doesn’t have to be a sign of gluttony or excess anymore with so many eco-friendly options available to pool owners. In the long run, following the suggestions above can make your pool energy efficient and greener all around. For all your pool deck resurfacing needs, check out Cricket Pavers