Whether you are just getting into gardening or a seasoned veteran, one thing is for certain and that is it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to keep plants alive. Gardeners are in a constant fight with Mother Nature, to keep their gardens looking the best. There are gardening tips, books, classes and videos out there to help all skill levels, but still, there are many people that struggle to find out how to keep plants alive. To help get you started with your garden or just to satisfy a curiosity, here is a list of the best plants to plant that will give you the greatest chance of gardening success.


This is a very low maintenance, bright and colorful flower. Attracts all types of birds, butterflies, and bees and comes in a variety of colors.

Butteryfly on Coneflower in Miami garden.


These flowers will bloom from spring until the first frost of the year, producing big, beautiful flowers. Easy enough to grow from seeds, this flower should be a staple in your garden for those starting out.

Cosmos flowerbed in Miami yard


Daylilies come in just about every shade you can think of and are resistant to drought and flooding. Often planted on hillsides to help with erosion control, these are a hearty but gorgeous flower.

Daylily in a flowerbed in a Miami landscape.


Coming in stunning yellows, whites, reds, and pinks, yarrow produces beautiful flowers all summer long. Despite it looking delicate, yarrow can withstand the heat and severe neglect, almost a no-brainer to plant.

Yarrow flower with a bumble bee on it in a Miami garden


For the parts of your garden or landscaping that is shaded most or all of the day, Hostas are a must. Low care, a variety of colors, shapes and textures, Hostas are the perfect shade plant to fill your garden or yard with.

Beautiful Miami flowerbed showing Hosta flowers that are easy to grow

These are just a few of the many plants that are pretty difficult to kill unless of course, you’re trying to. Be sure to assess what type of garden you plan to have, shade, sun, watering, heat and all the various factors that will help or hurt your chances of gardening success. Check out Cricket Pavers to install a great walkway or patio to help complete your backyard landscaping! Visit www.cricketpavers.com or check out one of their South Florida locations.