There are three main points of visual attraction when it comes to the curb appeal of your home: exterior, landscaping, and your driveway. The exterior of your home is ultimately what drives your curb appeal and the other two aspects can either hinder or help how your home is not only perceived by you but by everyone else. Not many people consider their driveway as a statement piece of their home, but it sure can be. From beautiful to practical yet innovative designs, there are numerous ways to transform your driveway into a conversation piece of the neighborhood. Take a look at some of these impressive driveway designs and how they truly add to the home.

Image of driveway pavers in circular pattern.

There has always been something very appealing about geometric shapes when it comes to home designs. Whether it is in your landscaping, part of your home or even your driveway, geometric shapes can add a lot to your home. If you choose to do your driveway in bricks or pavers, think about adding in some shapes in a contrasting color. A few simple design elements can go a long way.

Image of driveway with pavers and ground cover.

This design incorporates paving stones with ground cover to blend your landscaping in with your driveway. The key is to use plants that can withstand the occasional driver that strays from your two-track paver guides. This is a great simplistic design that can add a great dimension to your home. The pavers allow for easy maintenance and quick repairs if they happen to chip or break.

Image of a brick driveway leading up to house entrance.

A brick driveway can cost a small fortune, but it sure does look nice. Why not have the best of both worlds? Now you can get the look of brick for the price of asphalt by getting it stamped and colored to achieve the look you want. If you’re in love with the idea of having brick lead the way up to your home, then check out this option. Also, adding your house number in a simplistic design at the end of your driveway is a unique touch that personalizes your driveway even more.

Image of home in Miami. The image features a stone driveway, the stone pavers are from locally sourced stone.

If your home features stonework, then a stone driveway may be your play. The natural and artistic look of stone is hard to beat and can be an incredible selling point for your home (if you ever decide to). Buying local stone can help keep the costs down because transportation adds up quickly. Choose a color that compliments your home and you’ll love driving home every day.

Image of modern concrete driveway and home.

Concrete is a cost-effective option for those still looking to add a little bit of creativity to their home. While the designs can be as elaborate as you want, the real design flexibility comes from the colors that are available. Powders or liquids can be added while the concrete is being mixed or colored hardeners can be added afterward to achieve the color desired. Colored concrete allows homeowners to use their driveway as an accent piece.

Image of a Miami home during the evening. A brick paver driveway with under lighting leads up to the house.

Nothing compliments an elaborate paver design than some low-light accents that outline your driveway. While only at night can they be seen, but the soft glow really adds a touch of elegance to not only your driveway but to your home overall.

These are just a few ideas of where you can head with the design of your new driveway. Don’t be like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in the neighborhood and neglect the wonderful design opportunity that your driveway presents. For the best installation, design and driveway pavers in Miami, check out Cricket Pavers. Contact them at with more information about what you are looking for.