A front lawn can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Taking care of a natural grass lawn is time-consuming. To keep a lawn healthy, it needs to be fertilized and watered regularly. So you want an appealing yard, but not the cost and effort that comes with it?  

There is another way! A synthetic turf is an alternative option for homeowners. Homeowners are choosing this option because it looks and feels like a natural manicured lawn. They’re enticed by the potential decrease in monthly costs and upkeep. In Miami, artificial turf has popped up in many neighborhoods as a testament to its appeal.

What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf is a product that is manufactured using a synthetic material. The material looks like real grass, but it’s fake. Fake grass has become increasingly popular as a replacement for natural sod grass. Artificial turf was first used for large commercial fields and common spaces. Now, homeowners are using it for their lawns. Artificial grass carpet can even be used on boats!

Should you fake it?

A fake lawn has many advantages. You can choose your preferred shade of green color and grass length. Once installed, artificial turf doesn’t need as much maintenance as planted grass. Plus, you could save gallons of water per month! Some cleaning maintenance is necessary. Many say it’s worth it for the appearance of a clean cut lawn. The best part? Because it can be tailored to look real, no one has to know. 

Can I keep decorative pavers?

If you’re using pavers in your yard, they will still work with artificial turf. In fact, they’ll look even better next to the beautiful green grass. Consult the experts at Cricket Pavers before laying artificial grass around pavers. 

What’s the catch? 

Artificial turf installations are costly. Most companies sell it for up to $20 per square foot (roughly 30% more per square foot than sod). If you’re installing a large area, it could get expensive. You will incur the bulk of the cost upfront. After installed, it’s essentially free.

It’s important to do your own research and cost analysis before investing in artificial turf. If you find it make sense for you, then fake it till you make it! Make it as the most envious yard on the block, that is.