The decks and patios we’re accustomed with are most often made of wood but that’s not a global trend. There are regions where the concrete patio concept is preferred. The reasons for that are numerous and include the fact that concrete patios and decks are basically maintenance-free and very durable. They also have a very clean look which suits most modern and contemporary homes. Although it lacks the warmth wood usually offers, concrete tends to be more practical overall. We gathered here a bunch of deck designs that showcase some of these characteristics.

Concrete deck for Casa VR

A cool detail about this family residence is the seamless transition between the indoor living area and the outdoor patio. This is possible thanks to the polished concrete flooring which extends outside and maintains the same level, forming a raised platform protected by a wooden roof.

A mix of wood and polished concrete for pool deck

It’s possible to combine both wood and concrete and to use these materials for different sections of the home and its surrounding outdoor spaces. This is a design by architect Guido Costantino. The residence is located in Oakville, Canada and its raised concrete patio extends to frame the swimming pool, being flanked on one side by a wooden deck that runs alongside the interior spaces, being protected by a cantilevered roof with built-in lighting.

Polished concrete terrace with an amazing view

Perched on a steep cliff in Isla Blanca, Ibiza, this house offers extraordinary views of the sea. It belongs to an art collector and it was built back in the 1980s and recently redesigned by architect and designer Luis Laplace. The connection between the indoor spaces and the smooth concrete patio and the views is very strong and the transition is seamless.

Modern outdoor for a house in Santa Barbara County

Although concrete lacks the warmth that wood usually displays, there are other ways to ensure a comfortable and pleasant environment out on a deck. Bestor Architecture designed a beautiful stone wall with a built-in outdoor fireplace for this house they built in California. Although the concrete patios have a rather cold look, the ambiance is surprisingly warm and welcoming.

Outdoor Malvern House by Canny Design patio tiles

Stamped concrete patios are appreciated for how clean they look and this residence is a perfect example. It was a project by Canny Design and it’s located in Victoria, Australia. This is the patio that links its interior living spaces to the garden. The choice of materials, finishes and colors suits it well.